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World Tea Academy LIVE!

Here's your chance to experience a "taste" of what World Tea Academy has to offer in person while at World Tea Expo 2014 in Long Beach. This course is the first step to achieving industry certification and putting yourself ahead in the industry. As the tea industry continues to grow it is vital to begin setting standards and recognizing those leaders in the tea world. 

World Tea Academy - Core.01 - Essentials of Camellia Sinensis
Speaker: Donna Fellman, WTA Online Education ManagerWTA

This class introduces Camellia sinensis and the three factors that make it possible for this one plant to be the source of hundreds of kinds of teas. It also explores the botany of the plant, including the history, varieties, cultivars and cellular chemistry.  The class continues with the six stages of tea processing and an overview of the six types of tea that come from this single amazing plant.  The session concludes with an introduction to professional cupping and the sensory evaluation of tea.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Name the three factors that make it possible for the one tea plant to produce so many different kinds of tea.

  • Describe the tea plant’s botanical origins and primary commercial varieties.

  • Define variety, cultivar and landraces and the significance of these in tea cultivation.

  • Name and describe the six stages of tea processing and identify the defining stage of processing for each type of tea.

  • Evaluate teas using the professional tea cupping system.