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North American Tea Championship Adds Packaged Single-service Tea Category

New Competition Rates Tea Bags, Instant Hot Teas and Other Packaged Single-service Teas

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Nov. 15, 2012) – Consumers oftentimes think tea bags or other single-service teas are inferior to loose leaf teas. However, that’s far from the truth, according to organizers of the North American Tea Championship (NATC), the only independent competition that’s judged by professional cuppers, to distinguish the highest quality and best tasting teas that are commercially available in the North American marketplace.

To demonstrate the superiority off some “bagged” teas, the North American Tea Championship is adding a fresh tea class to its competition – Packaged Single-Service Tea, which is set to take place every November beginning in 2012.

The new category is in addition to other NATC evaluations that take place throughout the year – including Hot Tea assessments in July and February, and a judging of Iced Tea in May.

Kim Jage, sales and marketing director, World Tea Media, organizer of the North American Tea Championship, says she once harbored a common misconception that tea bags signal inferior tea. “Some consumers erroneously believe that if tea comes in a teabag, it is low quality,” she explains. “However, tea can be low quality even if it’s loose, and I have tasted superior teas that are offered in a bag. We believe that single-portion packaged tea is evolving and is no longer viewed as an impediment to a good cup of tea. Thus, this competition showcases packaged tea in its own right without having to unfairly compete against loose leaf tea in our other NATC events.”

NATC’s Packaged Single-Service Tea Class is designed to determine the best tea bags, packaged single-serve and instant hot teas available in North America. Teas in this category are evaluated by similar pack size. For example, teas sold in 50 to 100 count packs will be evaluated against similar packaged teas. And teas packaged in a box under a 25 count – which includes most specialty teas – will be evaluated against similar offerings.

“Above all, judges in this Packaged Single-Service Tea competition are looking for a quality cup – design is irrelevant. We want to award the highest quality and best tasting teas, not packaging or business practices,” says Jage. For the annual Packaged Single-Service Tea competition, teas are brewed using one single-serve pack (teabag, sachet, portion pack, etc.) and steeped in an eight ounce serving cup. The water temperature and steep time for each category is according to a specific Brew Plan chart.

Every submission is evaluated blind and through organoleptic analysis of characteristics, including flavor, body, color, clarity and balance. An overall numerical value on a 100‐point scale is then calculated based on the ratings of each characteristic, and winning teas are determined by rank.

Categories include: Black Tea Single Origin; Black Tea Blends Unflavored; Black Tea Flavored; Pan-fired Green Tea; Steamed Green Tea; Jasmine Scented Green Tea; Green Tea Blended/Flavored; Oolong Tea; Oolong Tea Blended/Flavored; Puer Tea; Puer Tea Blended/Flavored; White Tea; White Tea Blended/Flavored; Herbal; and Herbal Blended/Flavored.

“There’s a high demand for these types of packaged single-service teas, so it’s important that we added this class to the North American Tea Championship,” says Jage. “Also, the many stark differences between packaged teas and loose leaf teas makes it important to separate the types of teas for evaluation, as it grants the best of both types of tea the opportunity to be judged on their own inherent characteristics. So we’re pleased to launch this new competition for the tea industry, and we look forward to bringing some of these great quality teas to the forefront.”

To enquire about competing in upcoming North American Tea Championship evaluations, including the Hot Tea Class, Iced Tea Class and Packaged Single-Service Tea Class, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 702-253-1893.

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