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Tea Board of India Delegation Focuses on Bolstering International Exports at Upcoming World Tea Expo, June 1 - 3

India Gathers Six of Its Tea Firms for a Special Tea-tasting Event for VIPs

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (May 25, 2012) - The Tea Board of India, the government organization for the all-around development of India's fine tea industry, is bringing a significant delegation of tea producers and exporters to the United States for 2012 World Tea Expo, June 1 - 3 in Las Vegas, Nev. This group of six high-profile Indian tea businesses is concentrating on enhancing demand for fine Indian tea and increasing global exports. India is the world's biggest producer of black tea and has the second highest percentage of overall tea production in the world. World Tea Expo is the largest, global B2B event for the tea industry.

For this notable bout within the North American tea marketplace, Indian tea producers and exporters plan to highlight the various types of Indian tea the world consumes, including the top four: Darjeeling (from north-eastern India, Himalayan foothills), Assam (from far north-east India) Nilgiri (from south India) and Kangra (north-west India, Himalayan foothills). These four distinctly different tea-growing regions are geographically separated, thereby producing four entirely unique teas, in style, color, aroma and in taste/flavor. The north-eastern province/state of Assam is the single largest contiguous tea-growing area in the world.

For World Tea Expo, the Tea Board of India delegates, along with Chairman Mr. M.G.V.K. Bhanu, are set to present a special VIP tea tasting for buyers, key influencers, leaders and executives from the tea community, and press. The gathering takes place Saturday, June 2 from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. in room N254 of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The presentation and sampling includes a selection of India's preeminent teas from companies including: Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd.; Lochan Tea Limited; Wah Tea Estate, Tea Experts India Private Limited; Geebees Beverages Private Limited; and Signature Estates. Each of the companies is also featured on the Expo's show floor.

"Tea is a part of our culture and integrated closely with our lives in India," says Bhanu. "We respect it and we love it. That is why we have the world's most stringent regulatory system for maintaining quality and safety of tea."

At the VIP tasting affair, attendees may sample and glean new insights about single origin teas of India, which represent special characteristics and qualities that cannot be replicated elsewhere. The teas are a result of a combination of soil and agro-climatic conditions that are exclusive, which can only be sourced from India.

According to George Jage, director of World Tea Media, a division of F+W Media, organizers of World Tea Expo, India's tea industry is committed to quality. "India continuously places a strong emphasis on further improving the quality of its tea --- fostering research and development, technically training its workforce, initiating measures to enrich and conserve soil and increasing the use of environmentally-friendly tea packaging. India also recently experienced a large surge of small tea growers. Overall, India really knows how to grow and deliver quality tea, and they have a lot of strengths."

Focusing on quality, India heavily explores plant improvement (breeding and biotechnology), plant production (agronomy and soil science), plant protection (mycology and entomology) and tea quality via biochemistry, tea tasting and tea processing, electronics and engineering.

"On the whole, India is one-stop shop for all types of quality tea. They have a rich, large and varied tea production base that's backed by a very stable presence of Indian tea businesses, exporters and dedicated connoisseurs of Indian tea from across the globe," says Jage.

Of note: The tea pluckers and workers of India --- who view growing tea as a labor of love and are responsible for its journey, from leaf to the cup --- are protected under India's Plantation Labour Act of 1951. The Act ensures free provision of medical, housing, sanitation and education facilities to the workers by the planters. The laborers not only get fair wages, but also subsidized food and rations, to ensure that the workers are treated as truly-empowered stake holders. Thus, these workers are able to pluck fresh tea leaves and help in producing good quality tea, which is shipped to consumers all over the world.

Factoids: India's Tea Industry ---India's 2011 tea production is estimated at over two billion pounds of tea.
---The country's tea estates spread over 1,400,000 acres.
---India is the largest producer of organic tea.
---The tea industry of India follows numerous quality standards and parameters for its tea, and several Indian tea gardens and factories are certified under ISO 9000 (International Organization for Standardization).
---India's tea industry includes a work force of more than three million.
---An innovative, web based e-Auction is used for the sale of Indian teas.
---India produces and exports a considerable amount of value-added tea products, such as packet tea, tea bags and instant tea.
---The country's government leaders actively seek legal protection, trademarks and registered marks of India's single origin teas, such as Darjeeling.
---India's overall ongoing priority is to produce quality tea on a sustainable basis.
---The Tea Board of India has offices in India and in three international locales --- Dubai, Moscow and London --- to look after and coordinate all matters related to Indian tea.

To learn more about the Tea Board of India, Indian fine teas and the nation's tea-growing efforts and advances, visit

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